Benefits and Features

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Stress-free gig-planning.

Having all details in one places makes it incredibly easy to know what’s planned and what still needs to be done.

More time to book and perform.

With every aspect of gigging automated, you’ll have time to book more gigs, practice and perform.

Happy clients. Happy members.

BookLive Pro helps you be the leader your clients and members need – organized, responsive and reliable.

Musical peace of mind.

Worry less about your gigs going well knowing that you took care of every detail ahead of time.

Group scheduling automation.

Cut through the clutter of emails, texts and group messages by automating your group scheduling.

  • Members get automatic availability requests.
  • Easily know which gigs your group can play.
  • Secure a substitute in 5 minutes or less.

Digital contracts.

Secure your dates with easy-to-sign digital contracts.

  • Templates included, or use your own.
  • No more paper contracts, emails or snail-mail.
  • Deposits collected immediately after signature.

Credit card processing and invoicing built-in.

Get paid within minutes of contract signing. Automatically collect balance payments before playing a note.

  • No more lost checks or cash.
  • Clients are automatically reminded when payments are due.
  • Pay out group members faster.

“I’ve been running Viva La Strings for over 10 years and manage dozens of musicians. Before BookLive Pro, the amount of work I was doing was overwhelming. It does all the heavy lifting for me so I don’t have to spend as much time booking and planning. “

Pendra S. – Viva La Strings

Bulletproof gig planning dashboard.

See everything piece of information about a gig in one streamlined dashboard.

  • No more scattered email threads.
  • No more spreadsheets.
  • No more worry.

Collaborative setlist building and communication.

Build setlists for each gig which are automatically communicated to each member. Better yet, let your clients plan your setlist by choosing from your library.

  • Cut down on back-and-forth emails.
  • Every group member shows up to the gig with the right music.
  • Build your music library and easily share PDFs and lyric sheets with group members.

“I had been wanting to start a string quartet for a long time, but was far to intimidated by the logistical hurdles that we’re standing in the way. Once I started using BookLive Pro, all of those hurdles dissolved and starting my quartet became a reality.”

Karlee L. – Buffalo Heartstrings

More Features

Client Management

  • Client CRM for streamlined communication
  • Embeddable lead capture forms
  • Reminders to follow up on leads
  • Questionnaires to gather information

Group Management

  • Built-in chatroom for each gig
  • Automatic group scheduling
  • Seamless substitute management

Money Management

  • Built-in credit card processing
  • Professional invoicing
  • Direct-deposit to group members
  • Per-gig, monthly and yearly reports.

The Bulletproof Performance Contract

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