Schedules, schedules, schedules. With so many gigs and so many members to manage, group scheduling just gets more difficult. Without the right information from your group, it’s like you’ve gone colorblind and are forced to solve this Rubik’s Cube of scheduling. Each of your members has something different going on in their lives, but wouldn’t it be easier to have some shortcuts to help you solve this puzzle?  

As you manage your group, it becomes vital to coordinate and schedule effectively. If you can figure out schedules for your group, you no longer have to waste time seeing who’s available—you’ll already have that information! With all this, you can get back to your leads quicker, spend less time managing your group, and play more shows. One change makes all the difference. 

Scheduling a Change

Over time, we’ve learned what it takes to schedule successfully. Now managing anywhere from 150 – 200 gigs a year for a single group, it’s our ability to schedule well that gives us a competitive advantage. Our job now is to help make your life easier, and here’s what you can use to relieve your scheduling headache. 

  1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is collaboration at its finest. Band members can update and then share their calendars with you, which you can then populate into one cohesive band calendar. This way, you can see how things piece together and know who’s available when without the need to ask directly. Members can list their blackout dates and help you make your decisions quickly.

Google Calendar is also constantly improving, so there’s no need to worry about it bugging out or having issues with it. The main drawback is that you have to ensure that your bandmates are consistently updating their calendar so that you always have the right information. 

2. Phone 

One method you’re likely using now is phone messaging, but we can make that even better. With texts and apps like Facebook Messenger, you can get immediate responses from your group, especially if you’re utilizing the lightning fast group scheduling templates. But instead of just trying to remember what your members tell you, make use of spreadsheets and your own calendar. Create an organized sheet on either Google Sheets or Excel so you can visibly see and update your group’s availability. Updating your own calendar this way too can come in handy. 

3. Slack 

Slack can be a little more techy, but it’s useful nonetheless. Think of it like Facebook Messenger for businesses. With Slack, you can organize different chat rooms to keep the focus where you want it. Create a “General” chat as well as an “Availability” chat. This way you can focus on getting key information from your bandmates in your “Availability” chat, and they can share their jokes or stories elsewhere. Like with other messaging tools, you’ll have to update everyone’s availability on a spreadsheet or calendar to ensure you don’t lose track of this info. 

4. BookLive

Want the benefits of everything above all in one place? There’s only one program that does it all: BookLive. Booklive’s automated system does scheduling for you. It easily integrates with Google Calendar, pulling in all of those important dates from your group. Band members can also enter in blackout dates when needed.

Gigs are made easy with BookLive. BookLive checks for availability from your group members and then messages each one to confirm. If a member belongs to multiple groups, BookLive will go through and check that members performance schedules in BookLive to make sure there are no conflicts. This is scheduling made easy. 

The most important task of being a group leader is being on top of everything. Getting your scheduling done right helps everything else fall into play; that’s why having a system to organize it all for you is a must. But is it possible to get your schedules organized and make gigging easier?

How BookLive Helps

Booklive makes scheduling easy, but it also integrates with setlist planning, payments, contracts, and communication. The job of a band leader can be condensed onto a single system that creates a world of ease, all while making you a pro in the process. 

Start your Free 30-Day Trial of BookLive Pro now — no credit card required.

May all your performances be spectacular!

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