The Perfect Planning Timeline For Your Wedding Music

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Hey! It’s Jared from and I help couples just like you plan and hire the perfect entertainer for your big day!

I wanted to share with you the perfect planning timeline for musicians. This is when to pick your songs when to pay your balances and all of that. I’m gonna share with that, for you to help you understand what it looks like from the musician’s perspective.

So, that challenge right now is that most of you have never hired a musician before and this might be your first time and it might also be your last time hiring musicians. So, people don’t do this that often.

The flip side of that is that most musicians were never trained in business. So, they might not know how to lead you through this process.So it’s nice for everybody to have a mutual understanding of the perfect planning timeline.

This perfect planning timeline is gonna reveal to you how you can work with your artist and make sure that the process goes smoothly, no detail goes left untouched. And you’re just gonna have a great fun experience planning out the music for your big day.

I personally have been a wedding musician ever since I was really little. I do play hundreds of weddings each year. And I also help thousands of couples plan the perfect entertainment for all their weddings too. Not just my own group but others here in Milwaukee, and around the country too.

Also, I help those groups put in place this business frameworks to help give their clients a great hiring and planning experience so that couples can just enjoy the planning and not get bogged down with all the details.


Plan Out Your Music 

So, without further ado here’s the perfect planning timeline. As early as possible, you’re gonna wanna start to plan out your music. In one of my previous blog post, I shared with you, “How To Make Sure Your Wedding Ceremony Music Matches Your Style“.

You can start that framework anytime! Even actually before you’re engaged. You can start to think about this but it’s really important that once you do get engage it’s time to start thinking music.


Search and Hire Your Musicians

As early as possible, you’re gonna wanna search and hire your musicians. So, you can use to initiate that search, and I’m gonna share with you the link to the other blog post explaining the hiring process for musicians.

Book Your Musician
On average, couples book their musicians about five (5) months prior to the wedding. So, five (5) months prior to the wedding is where you wanna lock down your musician. Have the contract signed but with this kind of thing the earlier, the better!

Plan Out Your Setlist
Once you do that, then you can start to plan out the setlist for your big day. Again, the artists who are on have setlist planning tools that they can share with you so you can drag and drop songs and see what’s available on their list, and that way the planning happens in the cloud, it’s all secured and safe. And when they show up to play for your wedding, it’s all of the details that you planned in your client portal that is provided only by

Revisit Your Musician

So, two (2) months prior to the wedding is when you’re gonna wanna revisit with that musician and start to lock down the timeline of the events that are happening on the day. This is more important for the start time of your ceremony because sometimes you don’t really know until later on in the process.

And then the start time for cocktail hour and the start-time and end-time for your reception. So, two (2) months prior make sure you lock down those timelines and don’t change them.


Requested Custom Songs

One (1) month before the wedding, is when IF you’re requesting any custom songs for the musicians to learn, you want to have those requests in by a month prior to the wedding. Learning new songs takes time.

The musicians might have to purchase new sheet music or hire an arranger and all of that work takes time. So, you wanna give them as much time as possible so by one (1) month prior to the wedding, all your custom requests are in and locked down.


Finalize the Playlist

Then, we get two (2) weeks before the wedding you’re gonna finalized the playlist. I mention before that has those playlist planning tools. There’s actually a button inside that for you to say, “I am done with the playlist, this is the final one!”. And that’s gonna be lockdown two (2) week beforehand.


Pay Your Final Balance

Then you fast forward one (1) more week, it’s a week before your wedding! Super exciting! That’s when you’re gonna pay your final balance. Make sure that all the money has been taken care of before the wedding.

You don’t wanna show up to the wedding and have to bring an envelope of cash to pass to the musicians. Just make sure it’s taken care of before the day and you can enjoy your day as it should be.

So, one (1) week prior pay your balance. Check-in with your musicians, call them on the phone and if they’re professional, they will call you on the phone or send you an e-mail.


Review Your Contract

Just recapping, going through all of the day. Make sure that they are on the same page as you. You both have a copy of the contract that’s all in your BookLive Client Planning Portal.

Review the contract, make sure that everything is as it should be. And that’s all happens in one (1) week before because guests are starting to arrive from out of town that week. You’re gonna so be busy, musicians should be the least of your worries.

Finally, you get to the big day! On your day of, you should not have to worry about a thing. Just enjoy your day, and make sure you take a little bit of time to listen to the musicians.

One of the biggest things that I hear is that, “Oh! All of the musicians are so good but we didn’t really get to hear them because we were so busy taking pictures and getting ready”. So, make sure you spent a little bit of time to enjoy the musicians that you paid for.

So, enjoy your big day! Have a party! Do what you do and then go on your honeymoon. It’s gonna be awesome! But, that’s not the end of the process.


Leave A Review For Your Musician/s

The end of the process is once you’re back from the honeymoon and the dust has settled, and you got your gifts all squared away. Your thank-you notes are starting to be written.

Take the time to thank your musicians. They contributed to your special day, and the best way that you can thank them is by leaving a review for them on all of the reviews sites.

So, will ask you for a review for their performance at the wedding and also leave a review on Leave a review on TheKnot if they’re on there. Leave a review on GoogleMyBusiness.

Just anything you can do to say thanks to the musicians because that helps future couples who might be considering hiring the same musicians you did. Have a clear picture of IF that group is gonna be a good fit for their big day.

So, you might think that this is a pretty rigid timeline and some of the timelines are like super in advance. You know, two (2) months I got to know exactly what/when things are gonna be in place. YES! It is rigid but it’s important to have all of the structured and planned out because otherwise, you don’t really have something to follow.

You don’t have an agreed-upon timeline of when things should happen and then that’s when things slip through the cracks and you might have a missed musician at your big day.



So, follow the structure and you’ll get the results you’re looking for. So to recap, as soon as you get engaged you know what you’re looking for, search for, and hire your musician. No later than five (5) months before the wedding. That’s the absolute latest you shouldn’t have this happen.

Then as soon as you hire them, start working with them and plan that setlist, get it all squared away in the Planning portal.

Two (2) months prior to the wedding, finalize all the schedules for the day. One (1) month prior, get all your custom requests in, lock that down. Two (2) weeks before your big day, lockdown the playlist. No more requests, no more changing things last minute.

One (1) week before, pay your final balance, check-in with the musicians on the phone. On the day of, enjoy! Listen to your musicians! And when you get back from your honeymoon, make sure to thank them. Leave a review on all of the review sites.

So, I’d like to invite you to browse and listen to musicians that you could hire right away on There’s soloist for your ceremony, String Quartets, Jazz bands. There’s live bands for the cocktail hour and the reception. There’s DJs and coming soon there are several other art forms to choose.

So, browse and book your artist on today!

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