“I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me” – The Beatles, ‘Norwegian Wood’ 

Substitute the word “girl” for “gig” and you can pretty accurately capture the sentiment of the following episode. 

Missed opportunities — they’re never a good feeling. Ah, what could’ve been! Alright. This tale isn’t quite so dramatic, but it certainly did leave me wanting. 

Gather round, and let me regale you with the story of that time I missed out on a gig that would’ve been a sure bet, and how BookLive would’ve totally saved the day.

The Gig That Never Was

A few years back, I was going about business as usual, responding to inquiries in a timely manner and booking out the copious wedding spots that typically populate any given summer calendar for Dream City Strings.

The opportunities were starting to roll in more frequently, and I was feeling pretty optimistic about the prospects of my little string ensemble.

That’s when it began – I received an email inquiry to the effect of: 

“I’m having my wedding in May, and am in need of a string ensemble. I’ve already looked over your rates and services, and it looks like your ensemble would be a good fit for me.”

Great! Another gig in the books, I’ll just jot this one down and make the necessary arrangements, I thought.

Time passed, the day of the gig was drawing ever nearer, and all the while I thought we were good to go. If only I’d have known, if only I’d have been more proactive. 

A second message came in:

“Hello, I’m just following up on my previous inquiry. I am in need of a string quartet in May and would like to book Dream City Strings. Please confirm availability as soon as possible.”

Gasp. How could I be so careless! I’d already considered this performance a done deal. I began typing my reply, ready to fire off an apologetic response in confirmation. I did just that, or so I thought. A few days passed, and I noticed a glaring email labeled ‘draft’ in my inbox. Alas, how had I not sent this email!

I fired it off, please don’t let it be too late.

Not long after a response, my third and final email from the bride-to-be came rolling in:

“I regret to inform you I’ve already made other arrangements for musical entertainment at our wedding. Apologies.”

My heart sank. Could I blame her? I’d botched the operation. Screwed the pooch. Let the spoils of my string quartet’s toils slip off into the void.

Nevertheless, there was a lesson to be learned. 

Learning From Failure, Growing From Folly  

Ok, so what did I really learn from this debacle? Well, the takeaway is fairly straightforward: reply to your gig inquiries and confirm in as timely a manner as humanly possible!

Lest you lose the gig.

Had I taken care to reply to the performance inquiry at an earlier time, I could’ve booked a wedding gig and guaranteed a paid performance for my company. Instead, I not only missed out on the opportunity, but also looked rather unprofessional in doing so. 

How BookLive Could’ve Saved The Day 

BookLive is packed full of features to prevent this type of miscommunication.

If someone sends a gig request to your ensemble using BookLive, and you don’t respond in a timely manner, you’re going to hear about it from BookLive before you hear from the anxious bride. 

We’ll send you reminders about your correspondences within days, and we’ll make sure you don’t miss out in the same way I did. I made the mistakes so you don’t have to — please, thank me later.

The benefits certainly don’t end there: from performance contracts to setlists, to payment, and so much more, BookLive is a dream suite of features for any musician working independently or managing a performance group.

We’re confident we’ll provide you with the tools you need to get the gig and see it through to perfection. 

And we promise you won’t miss a beat.

May all your performances be spectacular.

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