I’ve played Summerfest a handful of times now — each experience different, but ultimately great. The Big Gig is a massive operation, complete with many different stages, all containing their own protocol.

The majority of communication before the show occurs via email, with some contact taking place via telephone. Throughout my experience at Summerfest, I’ve been given multiple phone numbers of stage managers, at least a few conflicting instructions on parking, some last minute changes, and been left with a confused and hectic feeling at times.

Not fun when you’re trying to make it to the gig on time!

That’s not to say they’re doing anything wrong, it’s simply a gigantic organizational undertaking that could benefit from implementing a unified system.

If only there were such a system…

wait, there is!

How BookLive Can Help

Ultimately, BookLive is an organizational utility. What makes BookLive so unique in comparison to other similar platforms is that it is specifically tailored to musicians and their needs.

BookLive offers a comprehensive toolkit for successfully planning gigs, receiving payment, communicating with band members, and much more. And it could be a huge boone to The Big Gig.

Backline, Anyone?

One of the biggest issues I have with communicating about gigs is the never-ending email thread between venue and performer. Summerfest, for all its precision and planning, lacks a forum for this communication.

BookLive can be that forum.

Instead of the typical email containing an easily-lost .pdf attachment of gear available gear, BookLive allows venues to post the equipment that they offer, easily accessible on their venue page.

This simple solution could save so much time and energy, allowing performerers to visit a page rather than digging through their email for valuable information.

Additionally, BookLive allows performers to list their stage plot and input list on their own band page, communicating the gear they typically use to the venue.

ClownFish and Sea Anemones move over, there’s a new paradigm for symbiosis.

Contracts Avoid Confusion

In the past, I’ve been given many a W9 without any attached contract. BookLive allows you to generate contracts (either default or custom-tailored to the specific gig) and send them to your client, in this case Summerfest.

Sure, you can take the check without a contract, and things might work out fine. However in order to clarify the hard details, i.e. set time, payment, accomodations, breaks, etc… it’s useful to have a contract, one that you make up.

Payment Accepted

BookLive allows you to accept credit card payment.

Instead of waiting weeks to collect a check, you can take payment then and there. This is particularly useful when you’ve got band members to pay, gas to cover, and a host of other monetary demands (see our post about good payment etiquette).

No more awkward conversations about waiting on a check, just a convenient transaction after a stellar gig.

Communication, Open Wide

There will undoubtedly still be times when you need to make a phone call to touch base with your point of contact. In that case, you can have all the phone numbers you need stored within the event page on your BookLive account.

Moreover, you can message the venue, contact your band members, even change crucial details in real time, all from the BookLive platform.

The Big Gig Questions

The typical questions I ask myself when I play any gig are: Where do I go? Who should I talk to go when I get there? Where do I park? How long is the set? Are there any accommodations such as food or drink? Is there a backline? When am I going to get paid?

With BookLive, I can answer all of the questions with one convenient service.

For an operation on the scale of Summerfest, with so much chaos and inherent confusion (god bless them), such a system could be more than big. It could be mammoth.

At BookLive, we’ll continue to deliver on every scale, all the way up to The Big Gig, making sure that musicians can focus on what’s important — the music. Let us handle the rest.

May all your gigs be spectacular.

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