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Today we’re going to talk about a tool that most musical groups have, but aren’t utilizing to its full potential: their website.

Stop The Guessing Game

When you created your website, you probably didn’t consult with a marketing expert, and you guessed about what content to include. The photos, testimonials, videos and other aspects you uploaded were simply your best guess.

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When clients visit the site, they may understand what you’re going for, but often get confused. They might get turned off because groups emphasize their accolades without demonstrating how they’re the right fit for an event.

If you are able to get your website perfectly correct, you would be inundated with gig requests and opportunities. Wouldn’t that be something?

The 5 Things Every Musical Group’s Site Should Have

With our experience working with agencies and working closely with dozens of musical groups and thousands of people who have hired musicians, we’ve put together a list of 5 things that need to go on every music website.

1. An easy-to-understand tagline

An example tagline

This is the big text that goes at the top of your page, “above the fold,” which is an expression referencing the top of a newspaper. This should communicate to your audience who you are, and how you serve them. For example, a wedding musician who helps couples have the wedding of their dreams.

2. An obvious call-to-action

A call to action helps customers understand what to do next

A call-to-action lets clients know what they should do next once they read your website. This takes the form of the buttons right underneath your obvious headline, and appear throughout the rest of your website. For most musical groups this will be “get a quote now.” If they’re not ready for a quote yet, you may want to offer them something else in exchange for an email address. This allows you to market to them later and is called a transitional call-to-action. For example, you could include a button saying: “Download a PDF Guide;” this could be something like a wedding music guide.

3. Visual display of the success clients can expect when they hire you

Testimonials help clients see the results you’ll help them achieve.

As previously mentioned, most people make the mistake of making their website just about them. This simply won’t work. Instead, your website needs to talk about the client, and show them having fun with your group in the background. A potential client should see the smiling faces of satisfied customers, like brides and grooms, in the foreground with musicians in the back.

4. Obvious information about packages and offerings

Are your packages and pricing obvious?

Many musicians’ websites are very ambiguous, without obvious indications of group configuration or price. Create some clear packages with prices and group specifications, and list them prominently on your site.

5. Your clients as the heroes of their own story

Happy clients sell future bookings!

Once again, we are fighting against the impulse to make the musician’s site all about the musician. Flip the script! Make it all about the client. Show images of happy clients, flaunt those testimonials and share the video of your performance at a happy client’s gig. Make them the hero of the story, and position yourself as the guide that helps the hero accomplish their journey.

You’ll Be Much Happier With Your Content

Now that we’ve tackled the five essentials of any musician’s website, it’s time to whip that website content into shape and start getting more gigs.

Learn how to make your website generate bookings today.

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