How To Make Sure Your Wedding Ceremony Music Matches Your Style

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Hey! It’s Jared from and I help couples just like you find and book the perfect entertainment for your big day!

I wanted to chat with you about style. You as a couple have a unique style. You are different than me and my wife, you are different than your parents, you’re different than other people who’s weddings you’ve been to. And your unique style deserves to be celebrated.


The challenge is that you also want your music to match your style. You don’t want cookie-cutter music, you don’t want music that maybe your parents love but doesn’t fit you. And maybe you don’t even want what’s popular right now. You want something that is special to you and your fiance.

So, if you were able to find the perfect musical entertainment to match your style then your wedding would be so much more special. It would feel like people attending your wedding would know, “Oh! That music is totally them! Like I could totally see it!”. So, it’s so important that you get those right. And I’m here to help you get that right!

I’ve actually planned and helped thousands of people help them plan their wedding music in the past, and I’ve also helped people during Coronavirus plan the perfect musical entertainment for their weddings too. Matching the style with the smaller guest counts and all that.

So, I can help you plan the perfect style of music and we’re gonna do with five (5) simple tips to help you make sure your wedding ceremony music matches your unique style as a couple!

First Tip: Talk to your partner

So, here’s the first tip. The first tip is as a couple you need to decide the feelings and the vibe that you want to go for with your music. Some people really want to class it up and go super elegant and that’s great! Sounds awesome!

So, talk about it and decide on that. Maybe you want something a little more rustic, maybe you want something casual, maybe you want something that’s a little more musical theater! This is all great stuff to talk about beforehand.


Second Tip: Venue’s vibe

Step two (2) is once you’ve already decided on what you’re going for. Think about the venue’s vibe. So, there are so many different styles of venues out there. There are you know, barn weddings are super popular that day but that might not really make sense for certain types of entertainers. So, think about the vibe that your venue is saying too, and figure out how we can match that.

Third Tip: Create a playlist

So, step three (3) is once you figure out the vibe that you’re going for, add the vibe that your venue speaks, let’s make some Spotify playlist or playlist in your music player of choice to kind of brainstorm. Just throw spaghetti against the wall, put every song that you might possibly want at your wedding ceremony in a Spotify playlist.

Then you’ll listen to it, as you’re going for your morning jog, your commuting to work. Or even as you are cooking dinner, listening to your songs and honestly, it’ll really be a fun thing to connect with your partner over, and maybe try to figure out which one of those might work well as the first dance.


Fourth Tip: Visual aesthetics

So, once you’ve got a ton of songs in your Spotify playlist, you got a good vibe, start to narrow it down, and then the next step is actually to think about the visuals that you want at the wedding.

You know, each musical group has a different way of presenting themselves visually, and as you might not see it as much because you’re in the back getting ready but your guests as they arrive at your wedding venue the first thing they are gonna see is the chairs set up, the backdrop they’ll see the musicians and other entertainers that are there for your ceremony.

So, think about that the vibe, the visual aesthetic that you want them going for and you can browse on YouTube to see what that looks like at other people’s weddings. You can actually find other people’s wedding videos on YouTube or Vimeo and see what that looks like. So, browse around and start to get an idea of what you like.


Fifth Tip: Browse and book an artist

And last, once you have your vibe that you and your fiance are going for, once you’ve got the vibe of your venue, once you’ve got your Spotify playlist, and you’ve got your idea of the visual aesthetic that you’re looking for, next step would be head over to and browse for artists that match all of those things.

The nice thing about browsing through is you’ll be able to find different genres of music to match your vibe. You’ll actually be able to see what songs they are capable of playing and if they are willing to learn new songs so that it’ll match the songs that maybe you found on Spotify.

And then you’ll also see videos and a lot of them are posted, videos from them performing at real weddings so you can see if it matches the visual aesthetic you are going for.

So, once you’ve found the perfect one. Click the ‘Book’ button and book them in under five (5) minutes. It’ll be so much fun and you’ll have the perfect entertainer to make sure your wedding ceremony music matches your style.

So you might be a little skeptical, you might think, “Oh, there are no musicians that will match my style” or you might think that this is gonna be a harder process than it actually is but this is actually a really fun couples’ activity to do. You get to talk about your musical style and connect through something other than you know maybe, the other aspects of your relationship.

So, it’s gonna be super fun! There are also tons of different entertainers out there. There’s like an entertainer for every single style. And, the nice thing is you’ll get to preview all of this before you actually make a big commitment and sign contracts with any of these entertainers.

So, again the five (5) tips to make sure that your wedding ceremony music matches your unique style is first (1st), talk to your partner and decide on the feelings and vibes that you guys want to go for during your wedding ceremony. Two (2), would be to think about what kind of vibe your venue presents to your guests. Three (3), start to brainstorm songs and put them into a Spotify playlist. Four (4) would be, go on YouTube and try to find out the different visual aesthetics, that different entertainer present. And step five (5) is, browse and book an artist on to make sure your wedding ceremony music matches your style.

So, go ahead and browse through right now! You’ll find something that you are looking for. If you have any questions, my whole team is here to help you have the perfect entertainment for your big day!

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