How To Have An Amazing Wedding During COVID-19

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Hey, it’s Jared from here! I’m here to help you plan and book the perfect entertainment for your wedding or other event.

Let’s chat a little bit about COVID-19. This year has not been easy, you’ve been planning your wedding ever since you were little. You’ve put together all of the major pieces of it. It was supposed to happen in 2020 but then things got shut down and the ever-changing mask regulations have made things quite difficult for you to plan.

You’ve rescheduled, you’ve had your rescheduled date reschedule. It’s so frustrating and you deserve to have that wedding that you’ve planned for. If only you were able to have this wedding you’d get to have your friends and family there, you’d get to have the food that you wanted to have, you’d get to marry your best friend, and you’d get to have the amazing entertainment that you’ve dreamed of.

I’m here to help you do just that. I myself have actually performed in several COVID-19 weddings. I’ve helped booked musicians for many COVID-19 weddings. I’ve talked directly to couples who’ve dealt with changing mass mandates. Help them navigate that process and even before COVID-19 I was playing hundreds of weddings myself each year and I was helping thousands of people, helping venues who have these weddings book and plan their entertainment to make sure they have an amazing wedding.

So, I have five (5) tips for you on how to have an amazing wedding during COVID-19.

1. Take a Breath!

Take a breath, relax! It’s gonna be okay! I understand that this has been a tough year and it is okay to feel frustrated and angry but let’s relax, let’s take a breath and take stock of the good things that you have on your life.

You have your best friend that you’re gonna marry. Focus on that! Have a date night! Enjoy the time that you have together and realize that it’s all going to be okay.

If you do wear a mask (which I suggest), have a little fun with it! Get a custom mask from a local artist.

2. Cut Down the Guest List

We’re gonna have to make some cuts to the guest list. During this time if you’re still having your wedding during COVID-19 it’s time to think about who do you want to have there, who are the must-haves. Some people wanna have those large, several hundred weddings — several hundred people weddings.

And of course, during this time, the CDC recommends no more than fifty (50) people. Some states even say down to twenty-five (25) to ten (10). It’s time to trim the guest list really think about who has to be there.

3. Live Stream Your Wedding

For those who can’t be there. Consider live-streaming the wedding so that the friends and family who are not able to attend. Even if it’s not COVID-19 related are still able to be there virtually and experience in your joy.

4. Hire a Soloist

So musical groups range in the number of people that they bring and unfortunately, for each additional person that you bring that adds to your guest count. So, consider sizing down your musical group from a Quartet down to a Trio, Duo, or even one (1) person.

Even if you weren’t thinking of hiring a musician, you should still consider a Soloist because it’s gonna add so much to the day and it’s gonna make your COVID-19 wedding feel that much more special.

5. Consider Moving your Reception to 2021

So, have your ceremony, have like a nice little lunch or dinner but think about the party that you want and deserve. You still can have that but it’s gonna have to happen next year.

So, I’ve got a wedding coming up where the couple has pared down their guest list and they’re doing a Strings for the ceremony and the cocktail hour and then for the reception they’re just having kind of an iPad playing but they still are gonna have their special dances.

They’re gonna have their first dance, they’re gonna have the father-daughter dance, the mother-son dance but they’re gonna strict everybody else’s so that there’s no dancing during the reception, it’s just gonna be a nice dinner.

That being said, plan that party for next year! Rent out a restaurant! Hire a live band next year! Invite everybody! 2021 is gonna be pretty lit. So, go all out once we get the vaccine. It’s gonna be so much fun. Hire your entertainers to entertain both at the wedding and at the reception that you planned for next year.

There is Hope

So, you might think that with all these restrictions in place it’s not gonna be fun, it’s not gonna be meaningful but actually, it is! With fewer guests, you’re gonna get spend more time with them, you’re gonna feel more intimate, you’re gonna get to enjoy your partner and really think about the words that each of you are saying as you’re saying your vows to each other.

You’re gonna really get to enjoy all of the different elements of the wedding without so many guests there to distract you from them. You’re gonna get to hear more music than you would and it’s really gonna be special. Plus, you’ll still get to have the amazing party next year if you plan the reception for next year.

So again, the five (5) tips for having an amazing wedding during COVID-19 is one (1), take a breath! Relax, it’s gonna be okay! Two (2), trim that guest list down to your States’ mandated maximum guest count. Three (3), consider live-streaming your wedding so that those who can’t attend are able to be there with you in spirit. Four (4), hire a Solo musician so that you’re not adding too many musicians to your guest count. And five (5), plan that big party for next year! It’s gonna be amazing!

So, for hiring your musician entertainers go to! You’ll get to search, find a Soloist, checkout the Soloist category. You’ll find a guitarist, piano players, violin players, harp players, and really enjoy your wedding and good luck planning during Corona Virus.

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