2019 was an amazing year for BookLive! We helped artists and bandleaders from many different backgrounds (string quartets, cover bands, harpists, brass quintets) in a range of locations across the USA to manage countless gigs, collect payment and pay their group members. 

That said, these numbers represent the tip of the iceberg for BookLive Pro: 2020 is shaping up to be an even bigger year for us! 

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at those numbers. 

Gigs Managed With BookLive Pro 

In 2019, for groups that used BookLive Pro to manage gigs, the average total dollar amount per gig was $1019.26

We see an average of just over $1k per gig as a great indicator. To us, that shows that BookLive Pro users are committed to a high level of professionalism, and are paid as such. Not only does this number reflect their professionalism, it serves to further their credibility, letting prospective clients know that BookLive musicians are the genuine article.

The total dollar amount of all gigs managed using BookLive Pro in 2019 was $377,127.58.

That’s a pretty impressive figure, and as previously noted we are situated to scale up from here. Let’s take a moment to have a satisfying look at that number once more: that’s music to our ears.

Ok, moving on. 

How do we handle all of our payments, you might ask? Great question. 

What is BookLive Pay?

BookLive Pay is our onboard payment processing and direct deposit platform. It helps band leaders take credit card payments, and also pay their musicians.

BookLive Pay is powered by Stripe, which is also used by Uber, Air BnB, and numerous other major companies, so you can rest assured it’s reliable.  

BookLive Pay Screenshot
An email sent by BookLive Pay for gig payments

The average credit card payment accepted by band leaders in 2019 was $331.28, and the sum of all credit card payments accepted via BookLive in 2019 was $98,720.55 .

Based on those numbers compared with our original gig totals, you can see users aren’t limited to using the BookLive payment platform. 

Instead, they can accept credit cards, cash, check, Venmo, or whatever else pleases them and BookLive Pro handles all the accounting.

On average BookLive Pro users used direct deposit via BookLive Pay to pay group members an average of $177.95 per payment.

Once again, we see that members in groups managed with BookLive Pro are consummate professionals and are compensated accordingly. 

Moreover, using BookLive Pro projects a certain amount of ethos to potential and existing clients.

Slight digression – ethos not only describes credibility, but also was used by ancient Greeks to characterize music’s ability to influence emotion. In our case, both meanings apply, as BookLive Pro performances are credible, reliable and moving. 

Cello Player

In total, group leaders paid their musicians $77,407.82 using BookLive Pay in 2019. 

Here again you see that you have the option to pay your band members however you wish. The advantage of using BookLive Pay, however, is that you take care of both accounting and payment with one fell swoop, since BookLive Pro logs everything.  

Moreover, when using BookLive Pay you don’t need any third-party applications to complete payment, because the money comes to the group leader and goes straight to their players all using BookLive. 

That’s pretty convenient. 

Wrapping Up, Moving Forward

BookLive had a terrific year in 2019. We helped so many groups book wonderful events, and get paid fairly and expeditiously while doing so. 

2020 is shaping up to be our best year yet, and we sincerely thank you for coming along for the journey. 

If you haven’t already, now is the time to sign up for your free trial of BookLive Pro – no credit card required. 

Thanks again for helping us ring in an exciting new chapter. 

May all your performances be spectacular.

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