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BookLive Pro is an all-in-one gig-selling and group collaboration software that’s easy to learn. It organizes and automates the sales and coordination for performing groups.

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Your Group Is Always In Sync

BookLive automates the typical headaches that go into running a group: availability, scheduling, substitutes, setlists and more.

“I love that my musicians are quick to respond to requests for gigs. Also the request for a substitute musician really works!”

Pendra S. – Manager, Viva La Strings

Your Clients Are Always Happy

When you’re running a group, taking care of your clients shouldn’t take away from your creative time. BookLive helps you manage your clients by streamlining communication and planning.

“Having clients plan their own wedding playlist in the client portal has saved a huge amount of time – time that is better spent in the practice room.”

Jackie O. – Manager, Dream City Strings

Your Money is Always Flowing

Taking online payments from clients and direct depositing to group members has never been easier.

“I now get paid by my clients within 5 minutes of sending out my contract.”

Amber D. – Manager, Pecatonica String Quartet

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